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December President's Post

Nancy Strohmer has written her post for December; it's posted to the right.

Race with the Aces Sectional

You can see the results from the November sectional by clicking here.

Fran Ryan

Frances (Fran) Elenora Bergen Ryan, age 84, passed away on November 13, 2015 from gastric cancer and other complications which she suffered the past 10 months.

She was a Silver Life Master who played often at Sosa and the Westside Bridge Academy.

Visitation for Frances will be held at Dettling Funeral Home, 14094 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77079 on Thursday, November 19, 2015 from 6 pm to 8 pm including a vigil and rosary in the last hour. A celebration of Life Mass will be held on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 10:30 am at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, 625 Nottingham Oaks Trail, Houston, TX 77079. Graveside Services will be held at VA Houston National Cemetery following Holy Mass via motorized cortege.

The obituary is here.

New Newsletter Editor

Chuck Michalski has resigned after many years as our Unit 174 newsletter editor; Carol Wilson is adding that duty to her already existing assignment as ScoreCard columnist for Unit 174.  Many thanks to both!

Learn Bridge in a Day

ACBL Unit 174 is having a “Learn Bridge in a Day”® class on January 30, 2016 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm at Tracey Gee Community Center.  For more information, please see the flyer to the right.

To encourage you to get your family and friends involved, for every five attendees who list you as their referral, you will receive a free play at a tournament sponsored by ACBL Unit 174.  Please make a copy of flyer, located on the right, and put this up at your place of worship, work, a relative’s school and other locations to help attract new bridge players.    

To register your friends for “Learn Bridge in A Day”® or for more information, email or call Walter Freitag at 832-754-4378.

Joint ACBL-ABA Championship Game

Please join us for the 3rd annual Joint ABA-ACBL Pairs Championship game at Sosa Community Center on March 5!

For a printable flyer with more information, click on the tab at the right.

North American Pairs Qualifying Results

Flight A was completed on Sunday, November 8th at the Westside Bridge Academy. Twenty nine pairs entered the event; one dropped out after the morning session, and 17 pairs qualified.  The qualifying pairs are listed below in finishing order.

Flight B was completed on Saturday, November 7th at the Bridge Club of Houston.  Forty five pairs entered the event; the twenty seven qualifiing pairs are listed below in finishing order.. 

Flight C was completed on Sunday, November 8th at the Westside Bridge Academy.  20 pairs entered the event, twelve pairs qualified for the district competition.  The qualifiers are listed below in finishing order.

All three competitions enjoyed larger fields than last year; A went from 10 to 14 1/2 tables, B went from 19 to 22 1/2 tables, and C went from 7 1/2 to 10 tables.

Congratulations to all, and good luck in San Antonio next January! You can see the details here.

Flight A Qualifiers

  1. Ralda St Pierre & John Erickson
  2. John Zilic & Thomas Peters
  3. Anton (Tony) Haddad & James Breihan
  4. Buddy Bass & Jack La Vigne
  5. Robert Sandfield & Geoff Booth
  6. Daniel Jackson & Shatrugna Prasad
  7. Victor Sitton & Edward Groner
  8. Mike Doyle & Gil Micheletti, Md
  9. Vic Sowers & J Evans
  10. Christoph Eick & John Du Bose Jr
  11. Mark Wallet & Duane Friedrich
  12. George Fox & Randall Lake
  13. Georgiana Gates & Daniel Suty
  14. Bobbi Kauffman & Kay Johnson
  15. Mildred Breed & Phillip Grothus
  16. Buddy Hanby & Sally Wheeler
  17. Gabriel Perry & Youssef Youssef

Flight B Qualifiers

  1. Charles Michalski & Al Cupps
  2. Charles Collins & Michael Miedema
  3. Birendra BK Singh & James Frick
  4. Sheila Harrison & Pam Barksdale
  5. Karen Baer & Jeff Nuttall
  6. Bill Gemas & Judy Brown
  7. David Morris & Courtney Coffman
  8. David Goldfarb & Harry Elliott
  9. James Ochsner & Charles Ensor
  10. G Thomas Rush & Wes Peirce
  11. William Kibikas & Suvabrata Biswas
  12. Errol LeCesne & Alan Adams
  13. Kenneth McAllister & Phyllis Kuchta
  14. Karen Fireman & William Daniel III
  15. Harold Copeland & Raleigh Williamson
  16. Peter Hanson & Tom Nobis
  17. Rani Sachdev & Kailash Sachdev
  18. Jane Boozalis & Jennifer Breihan
  19. Norman Gautier & Joyce Gautier
  20. Gerry Earnest & Marguerite Crowl
  21. Jay Karkowsky & Harry Selldin
  22. James Andre & Lily Andre
  23. David Crooks & Bill Kiehnhoff
  24. Carolyn Lanier & Carol Wilson
  25. Steve Vaughn & Joseph Volanski
  26. Jack Manderscheid & Gene Levy
  27. John Montgomery & Carol Lombardino

Flight C Qualifiers

  1. John Caudill & Carol Jewett
  2. Frederick Gregory & Sam Khayatt
  3. Linda McReynolds & Mary Nelson
  4. Carol Ehrman & Linda Brodie
  5. Jill Spence & Tonya McNabb
  6. Andrew Farnum & Bob Whitmarsh
  7. Kristen Onsgard & Karen Baer
  8. Julia Thompson & Myra Marsh
  9. Gail Wood & Rosalind Kokolis
  10. Richard McGaughy & Maureen Weiss
  11. Patricia Dunnell & Pam Sterling
  12. Jo Anne Knodel & Lynn Gamblin

Holiday Parties

  • Apple DBC will celebrate the Holiday Season with two parties:
    • The first on December 7th (Hanukkah) and the second on December 21st (Christmas).
    • The club will provide sandwiches and vegetable trays.
    • Attendees are welcome to bring Chips/Dips and Desserts.
    • Celebrations on both occasions will start at 11:30 AM.
  • Bridge Club of Houston
      • Thursday December 3rd
      • Club furnishes the food compliments of the Unit 174 Board
      • Wednesday, December 16th
      • Club furnishes the Food compliments of the Unit 174 Board
    • New Year's Day Party
      • January 1st
      • Pot Luck @11 am
      • Game @11:55 am
  • Spring Branch Duplicate
    • Spring Branch Duplicate Club will celebrate on Thursday, December 17th.
    • Judith will bring the sandwiches and soda and will want the players to bring desserts, salads and chips and dips.
    • Please come early at 11:30.
  • Westside Bridge Academy
    • Double Session Swiss Party
      • Sunday, December 13th at 10:00 am (note that this is the last day of the STaC)
      • Reservations required! To reserve your spot please call Katherine Onstott at 713-851-1511 or email her at
      • Reservations are limited to 50 tables.
      • WBA will provide turkey, ham, cake, coffee and tea..
      • Side dishes, appetizers, and desserts will be welcome.  A sign up sheet for things to bring is at the Academy!
      • Entry fee will be $10/person/session - $80/team.  (What a deal - two sessions of bridge and an holiday meal for only $20/person!)
      • All SILVER points!
    • Weekday party
      • Friday, December 18th at 10:30 am
      • Reservations required!  To reserve your spot please call Katherine Onstott at 713-851-1511 or email her at
      • Tables will be pre-assigned, so if you have a preferred direction please let Katherine know.
      • Reservations are limited to 50 tables.
      • WBA will provide turkey, ham, cake, coffee, and tea courtesy of the Unit board;
      • Side dishes, appetizers, and desserts will be welcome.  A sign up sheet for things to bring is at the Academy!
      • Entry fee will be $10/person. (What a deal - bridge and an holiday meal for only $10!)

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • Gold Life Master Party for Bill Gemas.
    • Also on Wednesday, November 18th
    • Meal @11:00 am
    • Game @ 11:55 am
  • Sherry Gerdes Appreciation Day
    • Tuesday, November 24th
    • Game at 10 am
  • Diane Beardsley’s Celebration of Life
    • Saturday, December 19th
    • Meal @ 11am
    • Bar-B-Que will be furnished
    • Bring Sides

Westside Bridge Academy

  • Emerald Life Master Party for Terry Currie
    • Thursday, November 19th at 10:30.
    • Come help her celebrate!
  • Life Master Party for Lisa Zummo
    • Lisa made Life Master!
    • Her friends are hosting a party to celebrate her achievement on Friday, December 11 at 10:30.
    • Reserve the date and come help her celebrate!