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On-line Voting now active

You may now vote for candidates for the Unit Board of Directors and for or against the proposed Bylaw change on-line.  To do so, put your mouse over "MyUnit174" on the menu above, click on "Vote..." in the submenu that appears, and follow instructions.

If you have not previously registered on this site, you will need to register using your ACBL # and a password of your choosing before you can vote. 

Once you have registered, you will need to log in before you can access the voting page.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Proposed Bylaw Change

In compliance with the Unit 174 Bylaws, the Board of Directors is recommending a change to the current Preamble to the Bylaws.  The reason for the change is to have the Preamble correctly state Unit 174 relationship with the ACBL.  The current Preamble states Unit 174 is a subsidiary of ACBL which is not the case.

Current Preamble

Unit No. 174 is a subsidiary of the American Contract Bridge League, Inc., recognizes the League as being the parent organization having authority and control over tournament bridge in the United States, exists under the sanction of the League and functions as a nonprofit organization with the Constitution, Bylaws and regulations of the League.

Suggested Preamble

American Contract Bridge League Unit No. 174 exists under the sanction of the American Contact Bridge League and functions as an unincorporated nonprofit association in compliance with the Constitution, Bylaws and regulations of the American Contract Bridge League.

Absentee Voting

In accordance with the Bylaws, any member may also vote by Absentee Ballot. The member must contact the Election Judges Owen & Pat Bunn by U. S. Mail, e-mail, or telephone requesting an Official Ballot. The Absentee Ballot must be postmarked no later than two weeks (14) days before the Election Tournament begins and must be received by the Election Judges no later than two (2) days before the Election Tournament begins in order to be counted.

Grand National Teams at the Election Sectional

FLIGHT A (0 – 6000 MPS): HOUSTON, APRIL 25 - 26, 2015, MARRIOTT WESTCHASE There is no unit level qualifying for Flight A. All teams wishing to participate in Flight A finals must register at the tournament site 30 minutes prior to the first session of qualifying. Any team attempting to register late may not be allowed to compete, at the discretion of the Director in Charge. We would appreciate all teams wishing to participate in the Flight A final pre-registering with James Thurtell ( or 214-691-6668) at least a week in advance.

Unit 174 has Winners in New Orleans!

Susan Stubinski and Bruce Wick won the Mixed Pairs in New Orleans!  Wow!  Well done.  You can read about them in the daily bulletin.

Also, the team of Bill McCarty, Daniel Jackson, Mike Doyle and Guss Ginsburg finished second in the 0-10,000 Swiss! You can see their picture on page 13 of this bulletin.

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • "8 is Enough” Swiss Teams
    • Thursday, March 26th
  • Life Master Party for Margie Patterson & Tom Romz
    • Monday, March 30th
    • Meal @ 11:00
    • Game @ 11:55
  • Gold Life Master Party for Janelle Frusha
    • Monday, April 6th
    • Meal @11:00am
    • Game @11:55am
  • Daytime Mentor/Mentee Game
    • Tuesday, April 7th
  • Nighttime Mentor/Mentee Game
    • Monday evening, April 20th
  • “8 is Enough” Swiss Teams
    • Thursday, April 23rd
  • District Stac Week
    • May 4th thru 10th
  • 499r Tournament
    • May 14th thru 17th
  • Memorial “Hot Diggety Dog Day"
    • Monday, May 25th
    • Hot Dogs will be served at 11 am
    • Bring Sides
    • Game at 11:55 am

Clear Lake Bridge Club

IS IT SPRING YET??????????????????

  • It's a "Bring snacks party!"
  • Signup sheet posted on erasable board on the wall separating the restrooms.
  • Signup in pairs and one person from pair bring a treat.
  • Homemade snacks, dips, sweets, etc. perferred.
  • If a pair does not cook consider contributing as follows:
    • A gallon of sweetened iced tea 2 volunteers
    • A gallon of unsweetened iced tea 2 volunteers
    • A gallon of Crystal Light Lemonade 2 volunteers
    • A bag of ice 2 volunteers
    • Help with cleanup 2 volunteers

Westside Bridge Academy

  • Life Master Party for Carolyn Robertson!
    • April 2nd at 10:30.
    • Her friends and family are providing sandwiches, salads, and petit fours.
    • Snacks and side dishes will be welcome.
    • Come help her celebrate!
  • 299r Tournament!
    • Thursday - Sunday, April 9-12.
    • Games at 10:30 and 2:30 on Thursday and Friday.
    • Games at 10:00 and 2:00 on Saturday.
    • Swiss Teams on Sunday.
  • New 0-10 Masterpoint game!
    • Wednesday evenings at 7:00.
    • Only $5
    • Gary King gives a FREE mini-lesson every Wednesday at 6:40.
  • New 0-200 Masterpoint game!
    • Tuesday morning at 10:30.
  • New Supervised play with Kay Johnson and Pat Levy!
    • Thursday mornings at 10:30.
    • No partner needed.
    • Only $10.
  • A 10,000 Masterpoint Party for Pat Levy!
    • Saturday, May 2nd @ 1:00.
    • Lunch will be served at 12:00.
    • Reservations are required!
    • To reserve your spot call Katherine Onstott at 713-253-3094 or email
    • A cake will be provided, but if you would like to bring something, desserts would be appreciated.