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MAY 4, 2009

Westside Bridge Academy

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Present were Jolie Hess-President, Pat Levy-Vice President, Paul Cuneo, Karen Nimmons, Joyce Ryan and newly elected board members Sue Adamson, Bob Dowlen and Robert Reichek. Also present were Eric Snow and Jim Woodward-Treasurer.

Robert Reichek was appointed as Secretary for the meeting.

Election of new Officers

Election results were as follows:

After the election Pat presented Jolie with a gift from the board and a sincere thanks for her past service to the board. At that point Jolie left the meeting, which was then chaired by Pat.

Houston NABC

Eric Snow reported on the results of the NABC tournament held in Houston in March. He indicated attendance was 5% below expectations. He and other local members reported quite a number of positive responses from the Memphis Board and tournament players from many different areas. Although the final accounting remains to be done, Eric estimated the unit will receive approximately $50,000 from the tournament. Eric also presented the board with a tax exempt sales card from Sam's Club.

Minutes of April board meeting

The minutes were approved via on-line poll.

Treasurer's Report - Jim

Jim Woodward's report, dated May 2009, included NABC amounts only through the end of 2008. Although the figures relating to the May 1-3 sectional are incomplete, Jim estimated a $500 loss. Preliminary reasons relate to lower than expected attendance and higher than anticipated security costs.

Committee Reports

Awards, Flyers - Karen

Karen reported the status of the awards/flyers and discussed printing costs.


Membership is up 12 to 2,451. Bert Onstott will be working on the directory later this year.

Goodwill - Pat

Pat indicated that several sympathy and get well cards had been sent out in April.

I/N, Education, Book Sales - Joyce

Joyce sold 73 books this past month. Collection of book sales was discussed.

Fund Raising - Bob

Bob has collected $97.26 from Randall's over the past two months.

New Player Services - Paul

Paul reported that representatives were present and helped new players use bidding boxes at the May Sectional.

Pro Am

Plans are proceeding for this event in October. Three clubs participated in this program last year, with the unit subsidizing dinner and providing trophies for the winners.

Supplies - Lauri

Lauri reported that some of the trolleys used for moving supplies to and from tournaments are in need of repair.

Motion: To spend up to $750 for repair of the trolleys. The motion was seconded and passed.

Online Partnership

Three new requests were submitted and one new user registered in April.

Old Business

Election Sectional - Bob

There were 476 tables, lower than expected. Paul discussed problems with the KO scheduling and suggested changes. A committee will be appointed to discuss possible changes for future tournaments. Concession sales of beverages was also discussed, with the possibility of changing vendors.

June Sectional - Karen

The concession operator still needs to be determined. There was a suggestion to use the caddies to set up tables on the first day of a tournament. If any labels remain they will be used for this tournament before new ones are made. Photos and restaurant guides were also discussed. The board decided it would like to recognize and honor Arlene Weingarten for her many years of service to the unit at a future sectional. Pat will appoint someone to chair the committee to plan for the event. It was apparent from the Election Sectional that the directors would appreciate being lodged in a hotel with a safe available for keeping tournament receipts. While Jim Woodward came each day to collect receipts at that tournament, the Board decided to address this issue.

Motion: To increase the budget for hotel costs for the directors of future sectionals. The motion was seconded and approved.

Social Bridge - Pat

Pat reported on the April event held at the Bellaire United Methodist Church. Gary King taught an informative lesson to 68 paying guests. This program was subsidized for approximately $700. Four to five new members signed due to this event. The Westside Bridge Academy is hosting a party for the participants on May 8 with pizza and a 12 board duplicate game.

ABA Contract - Paul

We netted approximately $1,000 from the rental of supplies to the American Bridge Association.

Stafford Down Payment - Pat

A $3,150 deposit was made to the Stafford Centrex for the June 2010 sectional.

Programs for Clubs - Joyce

Joyce passed out a list of possible new programs for discussion at a future board meeting.

New Business

Unit Newsletter

Chuck Michalski has agreed to replace Arlene Weingarten as creator of the periodic Unit Newsletter, which is posted on the Unit web site and emailed to all members wanting it.

October Sectional

Paul Cuneo and Sue Adamson have agreed to serve as co-chairpersons.

Committee Assignments

Book sales Coordinator Joyce Ryan
Communications Committee Betty Freedman
Education Liaison Joyce Ryan
GNT Coordinator John Erickson/Robert Reichek
NAP Coordinator John Erickson/Robert Reichek
Goodwill Karen Nimmons
I/N Coordinator Sue Adamson
I/N Assistant Joyce Ryan
Membership John Erickson
Fund Raising Coordinator Bob Dowlen
STAC Coordinator Bob Dowlen
Pro-Am Coordinator Paul Cuneo
Lone Star Regional Chair,Co-chair Pat Levy/Paul Cuneo
Supplies Lauri Laufman
Supplies Assistant Robert Reichek
Tournament Coordinator Paul Cuneo


Pat will contact various unit members outside the board about chairing other committees.


Motion: That the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded and approved at 9:30 pm.