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Minutes of Unit 174 Board Meeting

February 11, 2008

Bridge Studio of Houston


The board meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Board members present were Bert Onstott, President, Jolie Hess, Vice President, Karen Nimmons, Secretary, Ed Groner, Joyce Ryan, John Erickson, Pat Levy and Lauri Laufman.  Also present were Jim Woodward, Treasurer and Eric Snow, President of District 16.


District 16 and 2009 NABC Report – Eric Snow

Eric reported to the board the changes that were announced at their District 16 board meeting which was held on Saturday morning of the Regional.

Joyce Ryan was elected as the I/N Coordinator for the district.

The Mexico “PV” tournament earned $4500.00.

A new publicity committee has been formed for the NABC but there is no chairman as of yet. 

Around $9000.00 was raised in the silent auction.  It was a huge success.


The minutes were approved by electronic poll.


2007 Financial Statements

Jim passed out copies of the December 31, 2007 balance sheet.  MOTION:  to approve the balance sheets as presented.

January 2008 Financial Statements

Jim also presented the January transactions and a balance sheet as of February 11, 2008. 

MOTION:  to approve the January financial statements as presented.  It was seconded and approved.


Awards/Flyers – Lauri

Lauri reported the Mini McKinney awards are in.  She also reported more flyers are needed for the April Sectional and Bert volunteered to print them.

Bridge in Schools – Bert (for Carolyne Fox)

There was no news to report.

Communications Committee – Bert (for Betty Freedman)

There was no news to report.

Membership – Bert

Bert reported membership is up 22 from 2323 to 2345.  We had 27 new members and if the trend continues, we’ll reach 2400 by the end of the year.

Fund Raising – Jolie

Jolie reported she received a check for $39.14 from Safeway (Randall’s).  She recommended we try and get players signed up for the Randall’s program since we can no longer participate in the Kroger plan. 

I/N, Education and Book Sales – Joyce

Joyce reported she sold 12 old books at the Regional.  She sold a total of 116 books to Laura Lee Jones, Lynne Graham and Dave Glandorf.

Seventeen people attended the TAP class which was offered at the Regional.

Regarding I/N, Joyce reported the new Mentor/Mentee game on Wednesday at the Studio is a big hit and she is expecting close to 40 tables this month.  The Monday evening beginner game had 9 tables last week and Pat Levy is sending out another e-mail notice.  The I/N table count was up during the Regional but only a few joined ACBL.  There were a number of renewals.


Ed reported there are 5 pairs from Houston going to compete in the NAPs in Detroit:

The Unit GNT qualifying for flights B and C will be held Sunday, February 17th  at The Westside Bridge Academy.

STAC & Goodwill – Karen

Karen reported all the numbers are in and the unit made a profit of $1236.08.  She said she put her report up on

No cards were sent out last month for Goodwill.

Supplies – John

John reported one case of boards is missing from the Regional.

Tournament Coordination – Pat

Pat reported everything is in order for the April Sectional.  She said she received a call from the ACBL telling her the August schedule is needed.


April Sectional – Karen & Lauri

Karen said The Hornberger Center will want $200.00 a day for someone selling food and drinks during the tournament.  The board decided the members are used to having food during the tournaments so we will not change the format.  She said Gulf Coast Catering is available and will look into Oasis Catering as another possibility.

In addition, The Hornberger Center requests a certain percentage of our proceeds go to a Medical organization and the board recommended MD Anderson.

Lauri said she will organize getting volunteers for set-up and break-down of the tables and having the ACBL send out e-mails to all the members advertising the tournament.

June Sectional – JoDene

There was no report as JoDene was absent.

August Sectional – Bert

Bert passed around the proposed schedule for the board to review.  MOTION:  to approve the schedule for the August Sectional.  It was seconded and approved.

2008 Lone Star Regional – All

Bert reported the table count was 2769, down 88 ½ tables from last year.  I/N was the only area where attendance was up, which should bode well for the future.  The late night ZIP KO’s were down by about half.  The evening Swiss was a popular event, as were the KO’s.  Bert summarized the survey results and noted the changes proved to be popular.  He doesn’t see anything in the results of the survey that warrants future changes.

On-Line Partnership Desk – John

No news.


2009 LSR Schedule – Bert

The board reviewed and discussed Bert’s LSR schedule and suggested a few changes.  MOTION:  to approve the 2009 LSR Schedule as revised.  It was seconded and approved.

Review Regional Tournament Planning Section of Unit Procedures Manual – All

This was postponed until next month.

Executive Session

The board met in executive session for five minutes.


The board adjourned at 10:00 pm.  MOTION:  Was made to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded and approved.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Nimmons, Secretary