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This is February's "message from the President" to share information about topics that may be of interest to the membership.

February, 2017 President’s Post

The 2017 LSR (Lone Star Regional) Update

Our LSR is now over and we had some great things happen. We had the pleasure of ACBL Board President Bob Heller and his wife Barbara of Knoxville TN (District 7) to attend and played in our tournament. Everyone showed him our special brand of Texas hospitality!

Prior to and during the LSR, much work was done by your Unit 174 Board and the volunteers who provided such support as Partnership Desk, Hospitality, IN Coordination, Photography, etc. Be sure to thank the ones you meet.

The overall results show a turnout less than the 2016 LSR.

There are some issues that were less than we hoped for:

Since there are outstanding expenses, a final financial report is not available now.

Unit 174 MiniBridge

A great attendance of seventy people participated in the MiniBridge party that occurred Saturday Night Party during the LSR. We have had several parents and grandparents tell us that the very next morning, youngsters asked to play MiniBridge again.

MiniBridge continues to be successful in introducing new players to the wonderful world of bridge. Go to the Unit 174 website and click on MiniBridge to see some neat videos about peoples’ experiences while playing the game. Come and join the fun by playing MiniBridge, a fast, fun filled, family friendly game at one of the many opportunities to participate. Go to the link on the unit website under “Unit Playbill” to check out the opportunities to play MiniBridge.

A Chance to give back to our Unit 174

Throughout the entire year, UNIT 174 is looking for volunteers to help with the various tournaments. But we could not do it without the those volunteers. Why not volunteer a day of your time to man the partnership desk or the hospitality desk? The only skill required is a friendly personality. We hope you will rind time volunteer for any of the daily shifts.

UNIT 174 Board


Sadly, my health is making me not as effective as I need to be and the membership deserves. Therefore, I have formally asked the Board to allow me to step down as President. I will remain as a member of the Board. I have enjoyed serving as your president.

If you have questions, suggestions, or comments please contact any board member – we are here to serve you.

Bob Armstrong, Unit 174 President,