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2017 Unit 174 North American Pairs Qualifiers

Shown below is a list of all members of Unit 174 who qualified in club North American Pairs qualifing games to play in the Unit level games.

This list reflects the qualifications reported by each club.It is up to the individual to understand whether they are truly qualified to play in a particular game.

The eligibility rules are as follows:

The June masterpoint cycle was run by ACBL data processing on May 6, 2014. Any points won but not included in this cycle do not affect masterpoint eligibility.

This can happen if the club database was not up to date when you played in the club qualifying game.


To search for a name, hold down the CTRL key and then tap the "F" key to bring up a search box, type in the name, and click on Enter.

Name City Qualified in
Linda Aaron Pearland A, B
Barbara Abney Kingwood A, B, C
Jack Adams Houston A, B, C
Aleksandr Adelman Houston A
Daksha Adhia Sugar Land A, B
Elaine Albrecht Houston C
Linda Albright Sugar Land A, B
Jackie Alder League City C
Debra Alexander Montgomery A, B
Don Alexander Houston C
Raymond Alexanian Houston A, B
Anna Alix Houston A
James Andre Sugar Land A
Gregory Andrews Houston A, B, C
Paul Andrews Houston A, B, C
Ann Ankrum Houston A, B
Vera Annenkova League City C
Dolores Aquino Houston A, B
June Ardoin Houston A
Jane Armstrong Sugar Land A
Robert Armstrong Sugar Land A, B
Robert Arnett Houston A, B
Walter Arnold Houston A, B
Rita Aron Houston A, B, C
Barbara Atkins The Woodlands A, B
Karen Bachman College Station A, B
Karen Baer Houston A, B
Edwin (Ted) Bain III Houston A, B
Irene Baker Pearland A, B
Joseph Baker Houston A, B, C
Kenneth Baker League City A, B
Kathy Baldwin Bryan A7, NB
Ben Ball Sugar Land A, B
Debbie Ballard Houston C
Debi Balter Houston A, B
Carol Banks Houston A, B, C
Stephen Banks Houston A, B, C
Susan Banks Houston A, B, C
Frances Barclay Houston A, B
Pam Barksdale Houston A, B
Rick Barrett Houston A, B
Richard Barski Houston C
Nancy Beard College Station B, C
Oscar Beard College Station B, C
Norma Becker Missouri City A, B
Dennis Beckman Houston C
Margie Beegle Houston A, B
Cynthia Bell The Woodlands A, B, C
Donald Bell Seabrook A, B, C
Steven Bell Cypress A, B
Debra Bellan Sugar Land A, B
Phil Bellan Sugar Land A, B
Ludmila Bellazoug Houston A, B
Cheryl Benash Spring C
Bobbie Benson Houston B, C
Marsha Bernstein Houston A
James Bettis Bellaire A, B, C
Shyam Bhatia Sugar Land A, B
Anthony Bianchi Houston A
Stephen Bickel Houston A, B
Betsy Birkett Kingwood A, B
Julia Blancet League City A
Louis Bockman League City A, B
Romeo Bodrogi-Podoaba Houston A, B
Patsy Boedeker Bryan A, B
Teresa Bolen The Woodlands A, B, C
Geoff Booth Houston A
Wilma Booth Houston A, B
Nancy Boothe Houston A
Jane Boozalis Houston A, B
Arjune Bose Houston A, B
Doug Boswell Huntsville A, B
Doreene Boubel College Station A, B, C
Jerry Bowen Dickinson A, B
Judith Boyce Pasadena C
Bonnie Boyd Houston A, B
Donald Boyd Houston A, B
Shirley Boyd Houston A, B
Tera Boyd Bacliff A, B, C
Marsha Boyer Spring A, B
William Boyer Spring A
David Bradt Houston A, B
Nadia Branisa Houston A, B
Debra Bray Richmond A, B, C
Kenneth Bray Richmond C
Mildred Breed Cypress A
Tom Breed Kingwood A
James Breihan Houston A, B
Jennifer Breihan Houston A, B
Linda Brending Katy A, B
William Brending Katy A, B
Gertha Brice Friendswood C
Elaine Brill Houston A, B, C
Ann Brinker Schwall Houston A
Linda Brodie Bellaire A, B
Charles Brower Conroe A
Barbara Brown Houston B, C
Harriet Brown Houston A, B, C
Joseph Brown Friendswood C
Judy Brown Houston A, B
Ron Brown Houston A, B
Gregory Browne Houston B, C
Priscilla Browne Spring C
Shirley Bruns Spring A
Bonnie Brunskill Spring C, C
Rhonda Bryant Houston A, B
Sonia Bryant Spring A, B
Linda Buice Houston C
Owen Bunn Houston A, B
Patricia Bunn Houston A, B
Bonnie Burkhart Friendswood A, B
Richard Burkhart Friendswood A, B
Janet Burroughs Houston A, B
Rick Burton Houston A, B
Judith Busby Houston A, B
Elisabeth Cabiness Houston A, B
Lessley Cain Montgomery A, B
Nancy Caldwell Spring A, B, C
Norma Callender Houston A, B
Rose Calvin Houston A
Sheldon Camenson Cypress B
Harold Cameron Huntsville A, B
Carolyn Campbell Houston A, B
Sharon Campbell Richmond A, B, C
Clif Capen Baytown A
Nancy Carlin Spring A, B
Troy Carr Cypress A
Mike Carswell Friendswood C
Gail Carter Kingwood A, B
Judy Carter Rosenberg A, B
Phyllis Carter Houston A, B
Victoria Castleberry Houston A, B
Margot Cater Houston A, B
Claire Caudill Houston A
John Caudill Houston A, B, C
Bill Chamberlain Houston A, B, C
Jenelle Chamberlain Houston A, B, C
Marcia Chambliss Houston B, C
Laura Chandler Houston B, C
Russell Chandler Houston C
Phyllis Chaney Pearland C
Celia Chang Houston A, B, C
Rubin Chang Houston C
Shou Chao Houston A, B
Beverley Cheatham Houston A, B
Cathy Chen Sugar Land A, B
Sophie Chen Missouri City A, B
Iris Chester Houston B, C
Ashok Chhabra Houston C
Paul Chhabra Houston C
Bob Chiang Sugar Land A, B
Pat Chichakli Houston A, B
Jeanne Marie Childe Houston A
Yin Choo Sugar Land A
Wayne Christensen Jr La Porte A
Laveta Christian West Columbia A, B, C
Oscar Chung Missouri City A, B, C
Carolyn Clapp Kingwood A, B, C
Sandra Clark Houston A
Rose Marie Cleveland Houston A
Linda Coapland Houston A, B
Dee Coats Houston A, B, C
Courtney Coffman The Woodlands A, B
Beth Coker Bryan A
Charles Collins Shenandoah A, B
Marion Collins Anderson A, B
Jeanie Connell Houston C
Gay Conner Houston A, B, C
Julie Connor Houston A, B
Connie Conover Houston A, B, C
Charlotte Coon Deer Park A, B
Harold Copeland Houston A, B
Loretta Core Humble A, B, C
Barbara Courtright Houston A, B
Nancy Crabtree Houston A, B
David Crooks Houston A, B
Dale Crumbaugh Houston A
Jeane Crumpler Conroe B
Paul Cuneo Houston B
Joseph Cunningham Conroe A, B, C
Al Cupps Houston A, B
Judy Cupps Houston A
Chris Curran Houston A
Terry Currie Houston A
Sally Curtis Houston C
Vivian Cyprus Houston A, B
Ann Dahn Spring A, B, C
Vicki Dailey Houston A, B, C
Leon Daily Houston B, C
Sadhana Dalal Houston A, B
Charles Dalton Houston A, B, C
Paula Daly Houston C
William Daniel III Spring A
Helen Danish Cypress A, B
Anne Davis Pearland A, B, C
Irmgard Davis Kingwood A, B, C
J Davis Houston A, B, C
Mary Davis League City C
Dona De Cook Conroe A, B
Sherry Deal Houston A, B, C
Jack Dean Houston A, B, C
Jeanette Dean Houston A, B, C
Jan Delery Montgomery A, B, C
Barbara Delozier Houston A, B
A Desmond Jersey Village A, B
Pamela Dettmers Kingwood A, B
Jerry Deutser Houston A, B, C
Theresa Devereux Pearland C
Tushar Dhruv Houston A
Saundra Dickinson Kingwood A, B, C
Kris Digre Conroe A, B
Phyllis Dillard Spring A, B, C
Susanne Dittmann Houston A, B, C
Mary Dodson Houston A, B, C
Sam Dodson Houston A
Susan Domsalla The Woodlands A, B, C
Myrna Dorman League City A, B
Martha Dougherty Houston A, B, C
Penny Dougherty League City A, B, C
Bob Dowlen Houston A, B
Gail Dowling The Woodlands C
Mike Dowling The Woodlands C
Marsha Doyle Houston A, B
Mike Doyle Katy A
Mary Drew Spring A, B
John Du Bose Jr Houston A
Richard Duble College Station A
Shirley Duble College Station A, B, C
Betsy Dubose Bellaire A
Daryl Dunn Houston C
Milton Dunnam Baytown C
Patricia Dunnell Houston A, B, C
Chuck Duran Houston A, B
David Durand Houston A, B
Wanda Durham Houston C
Darlyn Dusek League City C
Bettina Dusel Bellaire C
Philip Duterme Bellaire A
David Dyer Houston A
Tamara Dyer Houston C
Hallie Eads Houston A
Gerry Earnest Montgomery A, B
Carol Ehrman Houston A, B
Christoph Eick Houston A
Brett Elliott Cypress A
Harry Elliott Cypress A
Billie Elmendorf Bryan B
Mary Cris Emmons Houston A, B, C
Joyce England Bryan A, B
R Englert College Station A, B, C
Chuck Ensor Seabrook A
Judith Ensor Seabrook A, B
Murray Epstein Katy A, B
Sharon Epstein Katy A, B
John Erickson The Woodlands A
Harry Espey Cypress A, B
James Evans Brenham A
Keith Everett Spring A, B
Doris Everette Montgomery A, B, C
Joe Everette Montgomery A, B
Jay Evert Houston C
Barbara Fagan Houston A, B, C
Michael Fagan Rosharon A, B
Ann Faget Houston A
Jackie Fakhouri Houston A, B, C
Beverly Fanarof Houston A, B
Jabeen Farooki Sugar Land A, B
Dorothea Faubion Houston B
Bernard Feldman Houston C
Sherul Feldman Houston C
Mary Felton Montgomery A, B, C
George Feng League City C
Lila Lee Fennell Conroe B, C
Susan Fenton Houston A, B, C
Carol Ferguson Houston C
Judith Ferguson Houston C
William Ferguson Houston C
Judy Fernald Houston A, B
Ian Fetterley Houston A, B, C
Karen Fireman The Woodlands A, B
Howard Fishman Houston A, B, C
Annette Fleischer Bryan A, B
Lourdes Fletcher Houston A, B
Donna Floyd Sugar Land A, B, C
Jean Foltz Pearland A, B
Robert Foote La Porte A, B, C
Dianne Foussac Seabrook A, B
Mary Lou Fowler Houston A, B
Carolyne Fox Manvel A
Bill Frank Richmond A, B
Barbara Frankel Houston A, B, C
Marilyn Fraser Conroe A, B
Marilyn Frazier Sugar Land A, B
Weston Frazier Wharton A, B, C
Donna Frederick The Woodlands A
Robert Frederick The Woodlands B
Betty Freedman Houston A
David Freedman Sugar Land C
Patricia Freeman Houston A, B, C
James Frick Friendswood A, B
Janelle Frusha Conroe A
Renata Frutiger Tiki Island A, B, C
Nan Fulweber Houston A, B
Barbara Gadea Houston A, B
Merlene Gager Conroe A, B
Lynn Gamblin Houston A, B
Joyce Garner Pearland A, B
Ira Garrison Sugar Land A
Kristy Garrison Spring A, B
Martin Gastrell Kingwood A, B
Georgiana Gates Houston A
Holly Gaunt The Woodlands A, B
Joyce Gautier The Woodlands A, B
Norman Gautier The Woodlands A, B
Daniel Gava Humble C
Francis Gay Houston A, B, C
Paula Gay Houston A, B, C
Sherry Gee Porter A, B, C
Peggy Geiler Houston A, B
Pam Geishauser Bryan A, B, C
Bill Gemas Conroe A
Mary Pat Gentry Houston A
Sharon Gerson Houston C
Bill Gervais Spring A
Elizabeth Ghrist Houston A
Ann Gibbs Houston A, B
Judy Gibson The Woodlands A, B
Evvie Gilbert Seabrook A, B, C
Gail Gillespie Houston A, B
Chuck Gillis Houston A
Johnny Gills Houston A, B, C
Roxie Gilman The Woodlands A, B
Muriel Gilmour Houston A, B
Dianna Gittelman Houston A
J Gittelman Houston A
David Glandorf Houston A, B
Kerr Godfrey Houston A
Mike Goldberg Houston A, B
Debbie Goldgar Houston C
Eugene Goldgar Houston A, B, C
Jim Goodale Houston A, B, C
Paula Goodpasture Houston A, B
Steven Gordon Richmond A, B, C
Carol Gore Sugar Land C
Joyce Gore Missouri City A, B
Anne Gorry Houston A, B
Robert Graber League City A, B
Sharon Graber League City A, B
Dale Grady Pearland A, B
Val Grady Pearland A, B
Pat Graf College Station A, B, C
Barbara Graham Missouri City A, B, C
Michael Graham Spring A, B, C
Phil Granberry College Station C
Zo Granberry College Station A, B, C
Connor Grant Sugar Land C
Phyllis Grant Sugar Land C
Barbara Grantham Houston A
Billie Graves Houston A, B
Jo Graves Houston A, B
Nancy Gray Montgomery A, B
Jim Greaves Kingwood A, B
Ellen Greenfield Sugar Land B
Marvin Greenfield Sugar Land A, B
Frederick Gregory Houston A, B, C
Sherry Greisen Houston A, B
Penny Griffis Spring C
Annette Griffith Sugar Land C
Susan Griffith Houston A, B
William Griffith Houston A, B
Patti Grill Montgomery A, B, C
Jerome Grimm Houston B, C
Ed Groner Houston A
Nile Gross Katy A, B
Marisa Grossi Seabrook A, B
Phillip Grothus Houston A
Lana Guise Sugar Land A, B
Maury Gurwitch Houston A, B
Jan Guthrie Houston B, C
Nancy Guthrie Houston A, B, C
Anton (Tony) Haddad Houston A
Mimi Hagedorn Houston A
May Hakki Houston A, B, C
Sharon Haley Houston A, B
Patricia Hall Friendswood C
Arlene Hallers Huntsville A, B, C
Fred Halperin Conroe A, B
Julie Halperin Conroe A
Buddy Hanby The Woodlands A
Suzanne Hanks Sugar Land C
Rita Hanlin Spring A, B, C
Robert Hannasch Spring A, B, C
Margaret Hanneman Rosenberg A, B
Eugene Hanson Houston A, B
Barbara Harberg Houston A, B
Sarah Hardin Montgomery A, B
MJ Patricia Harley Seabrook C
Ed Harper Houston A
Marvin Harris College Station A, B
Sheila Harrison Houston A, B
Terry Harrison Houston A, B
Jan Hauck Sugar Land A, B
Genie Hayden Missouri City A, B
Joan Hayton Houston A, B, C
B Haznedar Houston C
John Heath Houston A, B
Walter Hecht Houston B, C
Joanna Heebner Houston A, B
Linda Helbach Fulshear B, C
Jill Hendricks Houston A
David Henke Houston A
Jody Henry Huntsville A, B
Michelle Herring Houston C
Ralph Herz Houston A
Jolie Hess Houston A
Angela Hester Pearland A, B
Charles Hilding Rosharon A
Dexter Hill The Woodlands C
Julia Hill The Woodlands A, B, C
Virginia Hillegeist Houston A, B
Cindy Hillman Tomball A, B, C
Phyllis Hink Houston A, B
Julia Hodges Houston C
Elizabeth Hoepner Sugar Land A, B, C
Judith Hoffing Houston A
Gail Hoffman Tomball C
Jerry Hoffman Houston A, B, C
Lucy Hofmann Kingwood A, B
Mike Hofmann Kingwood A, B
Carl Hogan Houston A, B
Tom Hogle Houston A, B
Joni Holten Houston A, B, C
Shirley Hooks Houston A, B
Lita Hopke Sugar Land A, B, C
Suzanne Houck Houston A, B
Donald House Humble A, B, C
June House Humble A, B, C
Charlotte Howell Houston A, B, C
Patsy Howell Houston A, B
Donna Hrachovy Sugar Land A, B
Paula Hradecky Houston A, B
Larry Hsing Houston C
Changling Huang Cypress C
Kenneth Hudson Houston A, B, C
Judith Hughes Houston C
Kathy Hughes Missouri City A, B
Marilyn Hughes La Porte A, B
Hugh Humphries Bellaire A, B
Kay Humphries Bellaire A, B
Carolyn Hurd Houston A, B
Kathleen Hurst Katy A, B
Mark Incerto Houston A, B, C
Jeanne Ingraham Houston A, B
Carol Irvin Richmond A, B
Carolyn Jackson Sugar Land A
Daniel Jackson Spring A
Elizabeth Jackson Houston A, B, C
Richard Jackson Bellaire C
Sandra Jackson Houston C
Thomas Jahnke Houston A
AJ James Spring A, B, C
Evelyn James Houston A, B
Carol Jenkinson Montgomery A, B, C
Peter Jeswani Missouri City A, B, C
Carol Jewett Houston A, B, C
Charlotte Johns Houston A, B
Doris Johnson Conroe A, B, C
Kay Johnson Houston A
Marie Johnson Pasadena A, B
Robin Johnson Humble A, B
Carol Johnston Houston A, B
F Adrian Johnston Houston A, B
Clydene Jones Montgomery A, B, C
Karen Jones Seabrook C
Laura Jones Katy A, B
Bill Joplin Houston A, B
Marilyn Jordan Kingwood A, B
Marilyn Joyner Houston A
Russell Joyner Houston A, B
Adrienne Juno Cypress A, B, C
Sharon Kagan Bellaire A, B, C
Diane Kaminsky Bellaire A, B, C
Molly Ann Kaplan Houston C
Audley Karrasch Houston A
Estelle Kastleman Houston A
Bobbi Kauffman Houston A
Ronald Kautz Friendswood A, B
Melva Keil Houston A, B
James Kelly Houston A, B
Kay Kennedy Houston B, C
Diane Kern The Woodlands A, B
Michael Kern The Woodlands A, B
R. Harold Kerr The Woodlands A, B
Martha Kessler Spring A, B, C
Ann Keyes Houston B, C
Carmen Keys Houston A, B
Azam Khan Sugar Land A, B
Nandlal Khatri Sugar Land A, B
Indu Khera Sugar Land A, B, C
William Kibikas Friendswood A, B
Bill Kiehnhoff Sugar Land A, B
Sally Kimpton Kingwood C
David King Houston A, B
Gary King Houston A
Jackie King League City C
Shirley Kingsley Houston C
Mary Jane Kinnebrew Houston A, B
Margarete Kirk Houston A, B, C
Rony Klein Houston A, B, C
Wally Klugiewicz The Woodlands A
Sally Knight Houston A, B, C
Jo Anne Knodel Pearland A, B, C
Anne Knott Houston A, B
John Knox Kemah A, B
Scott Koehler Houston C
Sally Koestler College Station A
Rosalind Kokolis Bellaire A, B, C
Chris Kollenberg Houston A
Robert Komorn Houston A, B, C
Diane Konick Houston A, B
Ann Konikowski Sugar Land C
Wolfie Kotzen Houston A, B
Charlotte Kovacs The Woodlands C
Jeffrey Kroll Conroe A
Puddin' Krueger Houston A, B
Carol Krug Houston A, B
Janice Kruse Houston A, B, C
Pat Kubicek Pearland A, B
Phyllis Kuchta Pearland A, B
Andrzej Kudlicki Tiki Island C
Tekin Kunt Houston A, B, C
David Kuykendall Pearland A, B, C
Kathy L'Hommedieu Spring A, B
Teresa Labonte Houston C
Carolyn Labouliere Seabrook A, B
Richard Labouliere Seabrook C
Robin Ladin Houston A
L Laird Sugar Land A
Randall Lake Houston A
Ben Landers Spring A, B, C
Lenna Landers Spring A, B, C
Carolyn Lanier Houston A, B
Laurinda Lankford Houston C
Linda Lauga Houston C
Barbara LaVigne Houston A
Jack LaVigne Houston A
Stephen Lavoot Missouri City A, B, C
Jane Lawson The Woodlands A, B, C
Cameron Lawton Spring A, B, C
W Lease Richmond A
H Patricia Leavitt Friendswood A, B
Marilyn Leboy League City A
Abbie LeCesne Houston A, B
Errol LeCesne Houston A, B
Sue Lee College Station A, B
Jeffry Lehner The Woodlands A, B, C
Sandra Lehner Spring A, B, C
Ariel Leibovitz Houston A
Daniel Leightman Houston A, B
Mark Leighton Pasadena A, B
Marilyn Leiman Houston A, B
Bob Lester Houston A, B
Max Levit Houston A
Janis Levy Houston A, B
Lew Levy Houston A
Mark Levy Houston C
Pat Levy Houston A
Christian Liipfert Houston A, B, C
Douglas Lilly Seabrook A, B, C
Chin Lin Houston A, B, C
Jennifer Lindner Conroe A, B
William Lindner Conroe A
John Lindsey Houston A
Marcia Lindsey Bellaire A, B, C
Theron Lindsey Houston A
Beverley Linskey Houston A, B
Elton Lipnick Houston A
Eleanor Lipscomb Houston A, B
David Littmann Brookshire A, B, C
Sanford Lobliner Houston A
Stacy Lodden Houston A, B, C
Carol Lombardino Tomball A, B
Gayle Longmire Houston A, B, C
B Hope Lorch Montgomery B, C
Phyllis Louderback Kingwood A, B, C
Bonnie Loudin Houston A, B, C
Steven Lowenkron Houston A
Kyle Lueders Houston A, B
Lynn Luster Houston A, B
Sandra Maalouf Montgomery A, B, C
Otilia Magee Houston C
Erika Magid Bellaire A, B
Betty Mahoney Bryan A, B
Amaidas Makken Spring A
Kathleen Malcolmson Richmond A, B, C
Janet Manchee Spring A, B, C
Jack Manderscheid Houston A, B
Phyllis Maness College Station A, B
Donna Mann Kingwood A, B
Kay Marechek Montgomery A, B, C
Charles Markowitz Houston A
Anna Marlatt Houston A
Roger Marlatt Houston A, B
Linda Marlin Houston A, B
Myra Marsh Houston A, B, C
Jean Martin Kingwood A, B
Ronnie Martin Friendswood C
Vicky Martinez Montgomery A, B
Linda Martinsen Bellaire A, B
Thomas Martinsen Bellaire A, B
Sherrie Massin Bellaire A, B, C
Bob Matlock Spring A, B
Edna Earle Mattei Houston A, B, C
Joseph Maxwell Spring A, B, C
Gregory May Galveston C
Bobby Maynard Houston A
Kenneth McAllister Pearland A, B
Carol McCaffrey Houston C
Larry McCaffrey Houston C
William McCain Jr Houston C
Linda McCasland Houston C
Carol McCord Hockley A, C
Joseph McCormack Houston C
Mary McDonald Willis A, B
Ann McDougal Houston A, B
James McElhinney Houston A, B, C
Bernice McElwain-Hick Houston A, B
Fran McGaha Seabrook A, B, C
Richard McGaughy Sugar Land A, B, C
Geri McKallip Houston A, B
Johnell McKee Friendswood A, B
Shirley McKee Houston A
Marion McKernan Pearland C
Michael McKown Sugar Land A, B
Susan McLaurin Houston A, B
Susan McMahan Houston A, B
Sandra McMinn Houston A, B, C
Pat McMullin Houston A
Tonya McNabb Houston A, B
Linda McReynolds Houston B
Laura McWilliams Houston A, B
Carol Meade Spring A, B
Mack Meigs Baytown A
Mark Meigs Baytown A
Virginia Melville Houston A, B
George Mercurio Spring A, B, C
Wanda Meyer Houston A
Charles Michalski Cypress A
Gil Micheletti Houston A
Catherine Miller Spring A
Donna Miller Houston A, B
Hugh Miller Spring A
Wayne Miller Baytown A, B
Sandi Mills Houston A, B, C
David Mitchell Deer Park A, B
Frank Mitchum Houston A, B, C
Gulzar Mitha Houston A, B
Connie Montgomery Katy A
John Montgomery Tomball A, B, C
Darlene Moody Houston A, B
Carole Moore Friendswood A
Oren Moore Missouri City A
Barry Morgan Houston A, B
Don Morgan Houston A, B
James Morgan Pearland A, B
Jean Moritz Houston B
David Morris Spring A, B
Moira Morris Houston A, B, C
Robert Morris Houston A
Christy Morrissey Spring A, B
Ida Morrow Pasadena A
Dan Morse Houston A
Robert Mott Brenham A, B, C
Bobbie Moutz Houston A, B
Madhu Moza Seabrook B, C
Patti Mullendore Houston A
Abid Mumtaz Houston A, B
Robert Munger Houston A
Susan Munn Houston B
Camilla Muriby Houston A, B, C
Jane Murphy Burton A, B
Sandie Murphy Bryan A, B, C
Jeanie Murray Houston A, B
Joe Nance Bryan A, B
George Nelson Houston A, B
Mary Nelson Houston A, B
Debbie Nester Conroe A, B, C
Jeannette Nestvold Houston A, B
Kathryn Nettles Houston C
Bobbie Newman Houston A, B
Jade Ngai College Station A, B
Jim Nicas Spring A, C
Joseph Nichols Seabrook C
Nancy Nichols Houston B, C
Lawrence Nicolai Humble A, B, C
Karen Nimmons Houston A
Paul Nimmons Houston A
Hilary Nitsun Houston A, B
Tom Nobis Houston B
Suzanne Noerager Houston A, B, C
Odis Nolte Conroe A, B, C
Michael Novack Humble A, B
Karen Tabak Nussbaum Houston A, B
Jeff Nuttall Houston A, B
Barbara Nystrom Houston A, B
Jo Ann O'Malley Katy A
Marie O'Neal League City A, B, C
Jim O'Shea Houston A, B, C
Julialee O'Shea Houston C
Allison Ochsner Houston A, B
James Ochsner Houston A, B
Linwood Olson Houston A, B
Katherine Onstott Stafford A
Bert Onstott III Stafford A
Terri Orlean Houston A, B
Victoria Ornowski Katy A, B
Carol Ostermeier Kingwood A, B
Betty Pace Spring A, B
Carlos Pace College Station A, B
Steve Pace Spring A, B
Lila Palmer Bryan A, B, C
Joyce Park Houston A
Jeffery Parker Sugar Land A, B
Karen Parker The Woodlands A, B, C
Sandra Parker Sugar Land A
Claudia Parr Houston A, B
Jan Pasternak Houston B, C
Margie Patterson Spring A, B
Lynnda Paukune Houston A, B
Felecia Peavy Houston A, B, C
Barbara Peck Houston A, B
Wes Peirce The Woodlands A, B
Millie Perner Friendswood A, B, C
Gabriel Perry Houston A
Thomas Peters Grapeland A
Sadashiv Pethe The Woodlands A, B, C
David Petkus Kemah C
Kathleen Pflueger Houston A, B, C
Jeanne Phelps Houston C
Sherrilyn Phelps Houston A, B, C
Barbara Phillips Spring A
Janet Pickell Houston C
Jo Ann Pierce Pearland A, B
Yvonne Pierce Houston A, B
Joan Pleason Houston A
Sharon Plescia Houston A, B, C
Patricia Pober Houston A, B, C
Leigh Ann Poindexter Spring A, B
Mary Ann Polk Houston A, B
Sandra Pollard Pearland A, B
Howard Pollock Houston A, B, C
Richard Polunsky Houston A, B
June Poplack Houston C
Norma Porter Houston A, B
Tomi Porterfield Pearland A, B
Catherine Prasad Missouri City A
Shatrugna Prasad Missouri City A
Joan Pratka Houston B, C
Donna Price Houston C
Harry Price Houston A, B, C
Lindsay Prizler Houston A, B, C
Raymond Prizler Houston A, B
Raj Pruthi Bellaire A
Joe Quinn Sugar Land A
Shawn Quinn Sugar Land A
Ronald Randleman Huntsville A, B, C
Evita Rduch Spring A, B, C
Nancy Reader Houston A, B
Judith Rebmann Friendswood A, B, C
Betty Jean Reeves Missouri City A, B
Robert Reichek Houston A, B
Stephen Reichek Houston A
Edith Reid Houston A
Nancy Reingold Houston A, B, C
Diane Rektorik College Station A, B, C
Andrew Remson Spring A, B, C
B J Renshaw Spring A, B, C
David Rhoads Humble A, B, C
Clif Rice Houston A
Kay Rice Montgomery A, B
Ingrid Rich League City A, B, C
J Lynne Richards Bryan A, B, C
Bill Riley Kingwood A
Nancy Riley Kingwood A
Frances Robbins The Woodlands A, B
Lenny Roberts Houston A
Carolyn Robertson Houston A, B
Connie Robichaux Katy A
Ronald Robins Houston A, B, C
Gay Rod Houston A, B
Daad Rodgers Houston A, B
Toni Roesler The Woodlands A, B, C
Sherri Romer Kemah C
Thomas Romz Houston A, B, C
Dorothy Roper Houston A, B, C
George Rosen Houston C
Sam Ross Houston A, B
Jack Roth Kingwood A, B
Sandy Roth Kingwood A, B
Anita Rothfuss Willis A, B
Jan Rubenstein Sugar Land A
Thomas Rush Houston B
Joyce Ryan Houston A
Kailash Sachdev The Woodlands A, B
Rani Sachdev The Woodlands A, B
Ian Sachs Houston C
Pat Salzano Montgomery C
Carole Samuels Houston A, B, C
Eric Sandberg Houston A, B
Janice Sandberg Houston A, B
Robert Sandfield Houston A
Brigitte Sandifer Sugar Land A
Kris Sankaran Sugar Land A, B, C
Barbara Savrick Houston A, B
Virginia Schafer Spring A, B
Brian Schaffer Spring C
Betty Schell Houston A, B
Vern Schmidt Dickinson A
William Schneider The Woodlands A, B, C
Joan Schnider Houston A, B, C
Daniel Schomer Katy A
Jessie Schoppe Katy A
Joan Schouest The Woodlands A, B, C
Wolf Schroeter Houston A
Ronald Schulman Houston A, B
Stephen Schwall Houston A
Marion Segger Bellaire A, B
Albert Sekac Houston A
Sally Sekac Houston A, B
Eren Selcen Houston A, B, C
Carol Seliger Houston A, B, C
Harry Selldin Houston A, B
James Sells Houston A, B, C
David Senior Bellaire A, B, C
Yvonne Serbin Kingwood A, B, C
Joyce Settle Katy A, B
Sherry Seyer Sugar Land A, B
Joan Shack Houston C
Paul Shack Houston C
Armand Shapiro Houston A, B
Lynn Shapiro Houston A, B
Bert Sheldon Houston A, B
Peggy Shelton College Station A, B, C
Nancy Shomette Houston C
Marsha Shortt Houston A
Bharat Shrestha Katy A, B
Britt Siem Houston A, B
Mark Sikkel The Woodlands B, C
Julian Silverblatt Houston A, B
Frances Simmons Kingwood A, B
Gay Simmons Kingwood A, B, C
James Simmons Kingwood A, B
Jane Simmons Spring A, B
Ann Sinclair Houston A, B
Paul Sinsheimer Houston A
Vera Sinsheimer Houston A, B
Joan Sitton Sugar Land A
Victor Sitton Sugar Land A
Cindy Skeels Kingwood A, B, C
Susan Skiles Houston A, B
Ulla Skovdal Missouri City A
Marilyn Slaughter Missouri City A, B, C
Cheryl Smith Houston A, B, C
Janet Smith Kingwood A, B
Judith Smith Houston A, B
Silvana Smith Houston A, B
Susan Smith Houston A, B, C
William Smith Houston A
Titia Smulders Houston A, B, C
Donald Snelling Kingwood A, B, C
Sandy Snelling Kingwood A, B, C
Eric Snow Houston A
Toni Snow Houston A
Mercedes Snyder Kingwood A, B
Brenda Solovitz Houston A
H Sonneman Humble A, B
Vic Sowers Houston A
Christine Spalding Houston C
Donna Sparks Fulshear A
Jill Spence The Woodlands A, B, C
Naomi Spicer Dickinson A, B
Giovanna Spiker Houston A, B
Iretha Spinetti Kingwood A, B, C
Robert Spinetti Kingwood A, B, C
Scherry Sprague Willis A, B, C
Bill St Clair Cypress A
Ralda St Pierre Houston A
Cheri Staples Houston A, B
Betty Starzec Sugar Land A
Rick Stell Houston A
Sarah Stephens Houston B, C
Paul Stereff Pasadena A
Yvonne Sterkin Spring A, B
Mary Stevens Missouri City A, B
Dottie Steverson Pearland A, B, C
Duncan Stewart Houston C
Jackie Stewart Houston A, B, C
Julie Stewart Tomball A, B, C
Glenda Stieber Houston A, B
Marie Stinnett Bryan A, B
Jack Stone Sugar Land A
Jeannie Stone Houston B, C
Susan Stone Kingwood A, B
Yvonne Strangmeyer Houston A, B
Hans Strohmer Houston A
Nancy Strohmer Houston A
Kathleen Stuart Houston A, B, C
Ming Su Houston A, B
Terry Sucher Montgomery A, B
Judi Sulzbach The Woodlands A, B
Kimberly Sunderland Houston A, B, C
Joann Suthers Houston A, B, C
Linda Sutton Conroe A
Barbara Sweeney Houston C
Michael Tannery Houston A, B
John Taylor Frienswood A, B
Bonnie Terrell Kingwood A, B
Gary Terrell Kingwood A, B
Lucy Terrill Houston A
Ellen Tessin College Station A, B, C
Mary Thatcher The Woodlands A, B
Susan Theiss College Station A, B
Susan Thom The Woodlands A, B, C
Marcella Thomas Houston A, B
Robin Thomas Eagle Lake C
Russell Thomas Eagle Lake C
Sheryl Thomas Richmond A, B, C
Sylvia Thomas Alvin A, B
Audrey Thompson Houston A, B
Darlene Thompson Sugar Land A, B
Julia Thompson Houston A, B, C
Donald Timko Houston A, B
Phyllis Timko Houston A, B
Mary Love Timmerman Spring A, B, C
Paula Tolbert Kingwood A, B
Victor Tong Houston A, B, C
Joan Torrance Conroe A, B
Patrick Tourais Kingwood A, B
Paula Towner League City C
Ann Trammell Houston A
Vinh Tran Houston A
Don Trimble Houston A, B
Joyce Trimble Houston A, B
C Tsai Houston A, B, C
Cecilia Tse Houston A, B, C
Jane Turner College Station A, B
Janie Turner Houston C
W Turner College Station A, B
William Turner Houston A, B
Carol Tuttle Houston A, B, C
Thomas Urbanosky Caldwell A, B
Shehnaz Vadgama Sugar Land A, B, C
Mary Ellen Vail Friendswood C
Ellen Valentine Houston A, B, C
Van Valentine Houston A, B, C
Lesly Van Dame Houston A, B
William Van Dame Houston A, B
Carol Van Dyke Friendswood A, B
Jane Vansanten Houston A, B, C
Steve Vaughn La Porte A, B
Steve Vaughn Kingwood A
Marilyn Gale Vilyus Houston A, B, C
Robert Vilyus Houston A, B, C
Faye Vincent The Woodlands A
Shirley Dee Vlaun Kingwood C
Becky Vogel Houston C
Kevin Vogel Houston C
Joseph Volanski Spring A, B
Larry Wadler Wharton A, B, C
Gail Waldo Kingwood C
Brenda Walker Montgomery B, C
Janice Walker Montgomery A, B
Judy Walker Missouri City A, B, C
Roxie Walker Houston C
Roslyn Wallace Houston C
Amy Wang Sugar Land A, B
Hau-Ran Wang Sugar Land A, B, C
Robert Wang Sugar Land A, B, C
Elizabeth Ward Bryan A
Herbert Warner Kingwood A, B
Marcia Warner Kingwood A, B
Anik Waters League City A, B
Billie Watkins College Station A, B
Donna Watkins Houston B, C
Kathy Watkins Houston A, B
Eric Watson Richmond A, B
Mike Watson Houston A
Mary Watters Houston A, B
Helen Watts Shenandoah A, B
Shirley Watts Edmiston College Station A, B
Barbara Weddle Houston C
Carolyn Wedel Houston A, B
Dinah Weems Houston A, B, C
Michael Wei Sugar Land C
Bruce Weiner Houston A, B, C
Ede Weiner Houston A, B, C
Maureen Weiss Houston A, B, C
Sid Weiss Houston A, B, C
Michael Wexler Houston A, B, C
Sally Wheeler The Woodlands A
Donald White Baytown A
Gigi White Bellaire C
Mary Evelyn White Bryan A, B, C
Pamela White Richmond A, B
George Wieland Houston A
Lori Willey Magnolia C
Josephine Williamson Bryan A, B
Raleigh Williamson Houston A, B
Carol Wilson Houston A, B
Richard Wilson Houston A
Suzie Wilson Houston A, B
Linda Windham Cypress A, B, C
Michael Windham Cypress A, B, C
Carol Winograd Bellaire A, B
Gary Winston Houston A, B
Karen Winston Houston B, C
Shari Winston Houston A, B
Sherry Withers Houston A
Maureen Wittels Houston A, B
Mary Anne Woessner Montgomery A
Eddie Wold Houston A
Joan Wold Houston A, B
Allen Wolf The Woodlands A
Alan Wolfenden College Station C
Kitty Wong Pearland A, B
Barbara Wood Houston A, B, C
Ima Ruth Wood Friendswood A, B
Lennie Woodford Montgomery C
Charles Woody Houston A, B, C
Twyla Woody Houston A, B, C
Joyce Wormser Pearland A, B
Cissy Wortham Montgomery A, B, C
Helen Wren The Woodlands A, B, C
Richard Wright Houston A, B
Shyue Yuan Wu Missouri City A, B
Thomas Wulfers Seabrook A, B
Shih-Ming Yang Houston A, B
Gordon Yee Stafford A, B
Shi-Lin Yeh Sugar Land A, B
Bob Yelli Nassau Bay C
Chie Yen Houston A, B, C
Pearl Younger Pearland C
Youssef Youssef Katy A
Saeed Zafar Katy C
Alan Zane Houston A, B
Frank Zebedeo Spring A, B, C
Robert Ziegler Houston A, B
John Zilic Houston A
Virginia Zilic Houston A
Walter Zolla Montgomery A, B, C
Lisa Zummo Houston A, B
Edwin Zwald Houston A, B