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Unit Level GNT Qualifying

Flight B and C qualifying was held at the Westside Bridge Academy on February 22nd.

These teams qualified for the district competion in Fligh B:

  1. Gabriel Perry - Ralph Herz - Youssef Youssef - Sanford Lobliner
  2. Steve Tuggle - Edward Yetter - Bonnie Kay Yetter - Linda Rensi
  3. Jeffrey Kroll - Karla Riddick - William Daniel III - Judy Gibson
  4. Harry Elliott - Tiger King - David Goldfarb - Brett Elliott - Donald Varvel
  5. James Breihan - Jennifer Breihan - Daniel Jackson - Bill McCarty
  6. Harry Selldin - Meng-Chr Tsai - Chie Yen - Jin Rong Wang - Victor Tong
  7. Bud Sutton - Courtney Coffman - David Morris - Joseph Volanski
  8. Tom Nobis - Peter Hanson - Karen Fireman - Lorraine Coomes

These teams qualified for the district competition in Flight C:

  1. Stephen Mast - Holli Mast - Robert Babb - Laurie Hartline Babb
  2. Mary Perry - Rosalind Kokolis - Sandra McMinn - Gail Wood
  3. Ben Landers - Lenna Landers - Ann Sinclair - Laura Wrenn

You can see all the details by clicking here.

Good luck to all at the District!

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • Gold Life Master Party for Jeff Kroll!
    • Tuesday morning, February 24th.
    • Game is at 10 am and pizza will be served at lunch time.
  • New Supervised Game for new players
    • Tuesday morning at 10:00 am
    • Game is not sanctioned
    • Hand records are furnished
    • You don't need a partner
    • You are free to ask questions
    • Cost is only $5
  • Life Master Party for Margie Patterson & Tom Romz
    • MONDAY, March 30th
    • Meal @ 11:00am Game @ 11:55am

Westside Bridge Academy

  • Freaky February!
    • Play on Sunday afternoon and play for half price the following Thursday evening.
    • Play on Thursday evening and play for half price the following Sunday afternoon!
  • 25,000 Masterpoint Party for Dan Morse!
    • Saturday, February 21st at 1:00 pm
    • A meal will be served at noon!
    • Come out and help celebrate Dan's achievement and recognize him for all he does for bridge!
    • Reservations are not required, but you should arrive early to guarantee an entry!
  • Life Master Party for Vivian Cyprus!
    • Wednesday, February 25th.
    • Details to follow, but reserve the date!