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Awesome August

August 7-10, 2014


Grand National Teams

The team of Daniel Jackson, Jennifer Breihan, Mike Doyle, Jimmy Breihan, and Bill McCarty won Flight B in Las Vegas!  Congratulations!  Best Flight B team in the ACBL!  Well done!

Other Unit 174 teams also did well:

  • The team of Joe and Shawn Quinn with Ira and Ellen Hessel made it to the round of 8 in the Championship bracket.
  • The team of Anthony Bianchi, Gary King, Mitch Towner, and Robert Whitcher  made it to the quarter finals. 
  • The team of Bob Shanley, Suzanne Shanley, Courtney Coffman, and David Morris qualified through the Swiss rounds.

Congratualations to all!

The results can be seen here.

Poll Results

The following message was sent to me by Daniel Jackson, Unit 174 Board Member:

The Board of Directors of Unit 174 would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our Election Poll. There were almost three hundred responses!

We carefully tallied and cross-checked the responses. The majority of the responders would like to see "no change" to the election procedures. The membership has spoken, therefore the method of election of Unit board members will remain unchanged.

The following is a graphical summary of the responses and the percentage of total received:

The questions were:

  1. Having an independent committee nominate a slate of three candidates. You could vote for the slate or you could write in candidates of your own.
  2. Allowing members to vote for fewer than three candidates.
  3. The following motion, which was made at the 2014 annual meeting: "Any nominee may have a representative at the official tabulation of votes. Any election protest or recount of the votes must be received in writing by the unit secretary within 72 hours of the tabulation of ballots".  
  4. Allowing a candidate to observe the counting of the ballots if he or she agrees to keep results confidential.
  5. Requiring a recount of the votes if the vote difference between the third and fourth place candidates is less than 1% of the votes cast.
  6. Having the Vice President, if asked, inform losing candidates of their placing, total votes cast and the number of votes they received.
  7. Keeping the current system with no changes.

Thanks again to all respondents!

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • Gold Life Master Party for Duane Friedrich and Bill Gervais
    • Saturday, August 2.
    • Pizza and Tamale Casserole at noon.  Bring side dishes.
    • Game at 1pm.
  • Hot Diggity Dog Day  (Labor Day)!
    • Monday, September 1.
    • Hot dogs served @ 11.  Bring side dishes.
    • Game at 11:55.
    • There will be a 299r section.

Houston Bridge Studio

  • 99r Tournament
    • July 10, 11, 12, 13